Letter To Parent

Dear Parent(s),             

     I would like to take this opportunity to WELCOME you and your child to Southside Primary School.  It gives me great pleasure to set the foundation for your child as a beginner learner.  My name is Ms. Cynthia Richardson.  I graduated from Judson College, Marion, Alabama with a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education.  I also have an Associate Degree in Office Administration.  This will be my second year as a Kindergarten teacher. This is a very important time for your child.  This will be a fun and exciting year of learning.  Your child will learn many new skills to help him or her to become a skillful learner. 

     It is my heart desire that your child obtain the necessary skills to grow for the rest of his/her life.  Working together as a team will produce a successful childI expect your child to follow all classroom rules.  Please discuss with your child about the classroom rules I have enclosed.  Your child is expected to complete and turn in all homework assignments.   It is so important that you (the parent) spend at least 30 minutes with your child each night.  Please read to your child.  Attendance is very important.  A teacher can’t teach without students.  Please make sure your child get the proper rest and nutrition that he or she needs.             



Ms. Cynthia Richardson

(334) 874-9566


Classroom Rules 

1. Be kind to others.

2. Follow directions.

3. Keep hands and feet to yourself and WALK everywhere.

4. Raise your hand for permission to get out of your seat.


1. Two verbal warning

2. Talk with student

3. Time Out

4. Note home to parent

5. Principal's office


1.  Stickers

2.  Free center time

3.  Prizes

Please sign on the line below. Your signature will let me know that you have read and understand the classroom rules. 

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